How it works


gardena bottlerocket system

A pvc tube is locally increased in diameter by wrapping layers of insulation tape around it.

waterrocket launcher pointer

The bottle rocket is shoved up the pvc tube until it can’t slide any further because of the tape layers. This way the waterrocket will fit neatly airtight around the tube.

waterrocket launcher part 6

Five cable straps are attached to the tube and a plastic ring is positioned around the entire system. The bicycle inner tube and valve are very tightly connected  to the other end of the water rocket launcher’s tube, preventing the air to escape.

waterrocket launcher part 9

As the bottlerocket is placed around the pvc tube, shoving the plastic ring all the way up to the neck of the bottle wil fix the cable strap ends around the edge at the bottle’s opening. This way the bottle is locked onto the pvc tube and ready to be put under pressure. The working pressure is usually about 5 or 6 bar using a regular bicycle pump but higher pressures can be reached using air compressors and reinforced bottles.


Pulling back the plastic ring will unlock the waterrocket. The water inside the bottle will be stowed out at high pressure. This way your rocket will be launched high into the air, making it reach stunning heights.

Waterrocket Launch

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